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I only came in to buy saltwater, so I\'ll write what I noticed. Firstly, The staff are great! Really responsive to your needs and helpful. The store is really well set out and clean with great displays throughout. The fish selection is impressive and had a few uncommon species which is refreshing. For pickup of heavy items (the water containers), you can park at the rear door to get them in.

James Mitchell

This shop looks small from the outside but has the largest array of marine animals and plants I have seen around the area. There are entire aisles of statues and solutions to put into your aquarium. They have live moss plants, aqua plants, corral and reef rocks. They have so many different tyoes of marine animals to choose from. They have betta fish, angel fish, neon tetras and they even have coi fish. There is no parking out the front but there is a small parking lot at the rear of the shop.The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable with problem shooting any issues you may be experiencing at home.

Bec Tideswell

Great selection of fish and plants as well as an extensive marine section - their tanks are amongst the cleanest and well maintained I have seen. The variety they stock is easily the best in the region. I highly recommend Fish City for all aquarium needs.

Old Mate

A great aquarium with friendly staff and a good range of products available. The staff were very helpful and happy to provide advice.

Peter Minucos

Excellent place to shop very friendly staff and also knowledgeable about there products and are always available with advice to help you with your fish tanks.\r\nThey stock both freshwater and saltwater fish with over 2 dozen tanks just for freshwater fish and almost the same for saltwater. They also have a large selection corals aswell as supplements and food and all things fishy related

Ben Mcmahon

Great range and good prices. Also stock spare parts for filters etc which is really handy. Service is always brilliant as well.

Daniel Bredal

This place is amazing great variety of fish and products friendly staff good prices and knowledge I was recommended by Lam and his staff at Fish \'r Friends in Minto which you should also check out as Lam has so much knowledge and will help you in any way he can just as much as these guys right here

Russell Flint

Good stock, nice salt water, fresh water and tropical fish. Always good service, pretty decent prices, bought a tank off of them, never had a problem with it. Go there quite often to buy bloodworms, and just to check what new fish they have. Would definitely recommend to find e establishment.

Sean Myers

This is a great fish shop. The staff were very helpful and gave good advice. Reasonably priced and we got a discount for buying in bulk. Plenty of different fish (cold, tropical, marine) and lots of equipment too. Highly recommended.

Alex Hodkinson